Books, Bodies and Beings

Oct 19

Well I don’t know what to do.
The laptop runs fine on puppy linux . But it’s hardware is so old that internet is virtually impossible.
This is the old averatec laptop I am talking about not the Acer that died last week
So I might as well not try to stay sane…

If it were not for this phone I would have no connection to the internet, games that distract me from the things that drive me nuts

Oct 17

Ok. Current situation.
$609 laptop…..junk.
$400 laptop…junk

_______________what I have left…
$38 T Mobile phone that my cousin got on clearance ( T Mobile is not in Alaska, so it’s nothing but a pocket beater)

And this thing is trying to keep up.

Sweet Valentine's Day by (d0_0b)

Sweet Valentine's Day by (d0_0b)

(Source: R2--D2, via orionfalls)