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Sep 09

Anonymous said: Glad you made it O.K Shane.

thnx. My biggest problem today is returning the cargo van : as with my van was, the cargo van I rented is our only shelter : so I got to figure something out between now and the when the ship comes in this weekend..

But this is an Adventure : easy is not on the menu :)

Anyway, I know I will owe UHual for some miles ( the gps and Google had different opinions on the miles : Google was right : but I know this NOW..

you would think a gps would be the one to know better.

Anyway, besides our situation until the weekend where I can move us onto the ship : my biggest concern is paying off UHaul and getting the ticket for the ship .. ( silly details, I know :) )

Since I decided to return home, this has been the HARDEST part of our Adventure in America….

When I get home, I have a JOB waiting for me : and not to mention a ton of mail from strangers that the post office collected..

So it will be interesting.

Sep 08

We Reached Port at 11:30pm.

Saturday the ship comes: I just got to clean the rental and return that: Get the money for the boat ( $603 ) and in the mean time find a way for the puppies and I to stick it out until Saturday without attracting attention from Boarder Patrol.

Sep 07

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The puppies and I have reached MONTANA. a small town, but still it counts :)

How??? U-Haul. I was able to rent a cargo van ( I ditched my broken van, sad to see it go but loved to watch it fade in the rear view ) 

Anyway, we are south of Billings, heading to Port.

I got a windshield full of bugs to deal with and the van needs gas.. we will stay the night here unless I can afford to fill up and eat all in one motion ,

time will tell.


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Sep 06

Sep 03

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